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Working Papers
“To crowdfund or not to crowdfund? Evidence from professional musicians in France”, with Maya Bacache-BeauvalletMarc Bourreau, François Moreau. (Submitted)

“Recent or free? Experimental evidence of consumer motivation towards movie piracy”, with Marc BourreauFrançois Moreau and Marianne Lumeau.

“Venture Capital Backing and Success in Initial Coin Offerings”

“Platform governance and complementors’ quality: evidence from crowdfunding websites”

 “High–tech Startups and Alternative Mechanisms of IP Protection: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital Investments in the Automotive Ecosystem”, with Maria Teresa Aguilar Rojas.

Book chapter
“Le financement participatif au défi de l’attention”, with Frédéric Mahé and Marianne Lumeau, in Questions de culture : Financement Participatif, Ministère de la Culture et Communication and Presses de Sciences Po, 2018.