Beyond financing: crowdfunding as an informational mechanism” (2018), Journal of Business Venturing. , 33(3), p. 371-393. (Working paper version here)

Competition and regulation of crowdfunding platforms: a two-sided market approach” (2015), Communications & Strategies, 99, p. 33-50.

Working Papers
“To crowdfund or not to crowdfund? Evidence from professional musicians in France”, with Maya Bacache-BeauvalletMarc Bourreau, François Moreau.

“Recent or free? Experimental evidence of consumer motivation towards movie piracy”, with Marc BourreauFrançois Moreau and Marianne Lumeau.

“Le piratage de film en ligne est-il une pratique risquée ?”, with Marc BourreauFrançois Moreau and Marianne Lumeau. (R&R)

“The role of exclusion on platform competition: evidence from crowdfunding websites”

Work in Progress
“Internet Regulation, Zero-Rating, and Content Variety”, with Emmanuel Lorenzon.

“Firm strategy in nascent ecosystems: empirical evidence from autonomous vehicles”, with Maria Teresa Aguilar Rojas.

“Innovative startups in regulated markets: the case of Fintech”

Book chapter
“Le financement participatif au défi de l’attention”, with Frédéric Mahé and Marianne Lumeau, in Questions de culture : Financement Participatif, Ministère de la Culture et Communication and Presses de Sciences Po., forthcoming.

Seminar and Conference Presentations (*Presented by coauthor)
– Digital Economics and Culture Seminar (Angers)
– KU Leuven (Invited Seminar)
Industrial Organization in the Digital Economy Workshop (Liège)
– Digital Economics Summer School (Montpellier)

–  Crowdinvesting Symposium (Berlin)
– Télécom ParisTech Department Seminar in Economics and Management
– *Digital Economics Summer School (Paris)
– *Digital Economics Workshop Université Paris Sud
– Doctoral Workshop on The Economics of Digitization (Munich)
– Cultural Industries and Digital Platforms Workshop (Grenoble)

–  EARIE Conference (selected to the Rising Star session)  (Lisbon)
–  FMA Conference on Finance and Investment in Creative Ventures (Maastricht)
– ZEW Conference on the Economics of ICT (Mannheim)
Recent Advances in Social Finance (Rennes)
 Marsouin Seminar on Digital Economics and Culture (Douarnenez)
– INNO Workshop (Strasbourg)
Augustin Cournot Doctoral Days (Strasbourg)
– ERUDITE Workshop – Université Paris-Est Créteil
Industrial Organization in the Digital Economy (Louvain-la-Neuve)
– Workshop on Cultural Industries and Digital Platforms (Paris)

ICT Paris Conference
– Jornadas de Economía Industrial (Alicante)
– European School of New Institutional Economics (Cargèse)
Annual Meeting of the French Economic Association (Rennes)
– Summer Workshop on Digital Economics (Rennes)
ZEW Conference on the Economics of ICT (Mannheim)

 Workshop on Cultural Industries (Paris)
– Doctoral Workshop on Digital Economics (Rennes)
 ACEI Conference (Montréal)

Information Economics and Policy, Small Business EconomicsVenture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications

Fellowships, grants, and research projects
(2017 – 2020) Member of the research project ANR VALFREE: « Assessing the value of freedom: An experimental approach », coordinated by Benoît Tarroux (Université Rennes 1).

(2016 – 2017) Grant from the French Ministry of Culture and Communications for a research on crowdfunding on media and cultural industries.

(2014 – 2015) Joint grant from IFRIS (Institut For Research, Innovation and Society) and Labex ICCA for the organization of the “Crowdfunding and Cultural Industries” workshop.

Other Research Activities
(2015-2017) Economics and Management Seminar at Telecom ParisTechOrganization assistance.

(2015, April) Crowdfunding and Cultural IndustriesCoordination. Financial support of Labex ICCA and IFRIS, and logistic support of Telecom ParisTech. Program.

(2015-2017) Crowdfunding on culture, arts, and media, research for the French Ministry of Culture and Communications.

(2017-2020) ANR VALFREE: Assessing the value of freedom: An experimental approach