Beyond financing: crowdfunding as an informational mechanism” (2018), Journal of Business Venturing. , 33(3), p. 371-393. (Working paper version here)

Competition and regulation of crowdfunding platforms: a two-sided market approach” (2015), Communications & Strategies, 99, p. 33-50.

Working Papers
“To crowdfund or not to crowdfund? Evidence from professional musicians in France”, with Maya Bacache-BeauvalletMarc Bourreau, François Moreau. (Submitted)

“Le piratage de film en ligne est-il une pratique risquée ?”, with Marc BourreauFrançois Moreau and Marianne Lumeau. (Submitted)

“Recent or free? Experimental evidence of consumer motivation towards movie piracy”, with Marc BourreauFrançois Moreau and Marianne Lumeau.

“Venture Capital Backing and Success in Initial Coin Offerings”

 “The role of exclusion on platform competition: evidence from crowdfunding websites.”

 “High–tech Startups and Alternative Mechanisms of IP Protection: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital Investments in the Automotive Ecosystem”, with Maria Teresa Aguilar Rojas.

Book chapter
“Le financement participatif au défi de l’attention”, with Frédéric Mahé and Marianne Lumeau, in Questions de culture : Financement Participatif, Ministère de la Culture et Communication and Presses de Sciences Po, 2018.

Seminar and Conference Presentations (*invited)
– *Department Seminar CREM, University of Rennes
– *Young Scholars Seminar – Télécom ParisTech
– ICT Paris Conference
– MACCI Conference, ZEW (Mannheim)
– Digital Economics Summer School (La Rochelle)

– *KU Leuven
– *Internet Governance Forum (Unesco, Paris)
– *RELIGN Seminar, University of Nantes
Industrial Organization in the Digital Economy Workshop (Liège)
– Digital Economics Summer School (Montpellier)

–  Crowdinvesting Symposium (Berlin)
– Télécom ParisTech Department Seminar in Economics and Management
Digital Economics Summer School (Paris)
– Digital Economics Workshop Université Paris Sud
– Doctoral Workshop on The Economics of Digitization (Munich)
– *Cultural Industries and Digital Platforms Workshop (Grenoble)

–  EARIE Conference (selected to the Rising Star session)  (Lisbon)
–  FMA Conference on Finance and Investment in Creative Ventures (Maastricht)
– ZEW Conference on the Economics of ICT (Mannheim)
Recent Advances in Social Finance (Rennes)
 Marsouin Seminar on Digital Economics and Culture (Douarnenez)
– *INNO Workshop (Strasbourg)
Augustin Cournot Doctoral Days (Strasbourg)
– *ERUDITE Workshop – Université Paris-Est Créteil
Industrial Organization in the Digital Economy (Louvain-la-Neuve)
– Workshop on Cultural Industries and Digital Platforms (Paris)

ICT Paris Conference
– Jornadas de Economía Industrial (Alicante)
– European School of New Institutional Economics (Cargèse)
Annual Meeting of the French Economic Association (Rennes)
– Summer Workshop on Digital Economics (Rennes)
ZEW Conference on the Economics of ICT (Mannheim)

 Workshop on Cultural Industries (Paris)
– Doctoral Workshop on Digital Economics (Rennes)
 ACEI Conference (Montréal)

Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Research Policy, Small Business Economics, Information Economics and Policy, Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Révue d’Économie Politique


Fellowships, grants, and research projects
Ph.D. contract
(2013-2016) Higher Education and Research Ministry in France

Ph.D. contract
(2016-2017) Labex ICCA

Research contract: Principal investigator
(2014 – 2015) Joint grant from IFRIS (Institut For Research, Innovation and Society) and Labex ICCA for the organization of the “Crowdfunding and Cultural Industries” workshop.

Research contract: Co-investigator
(2017 – 2020) Member of the research project ANR VALFREE: “Assessing the value of freedom: An experimental approach”, coordinated by Benoît Tarroux (University of Lyon).

Research contract: Co-investigator
(2016 – 2017) Grant from the French Ministry of Culture and Communications for a research on crowdfunding on media and cultural industries.


Other Academic Activities
Academic management
(2015-2017) Economics and Management Seminar at Telecom ParisTech.

Academic and organizational management
(2015, April) Crowdfunding and Cultural IndustriesCoordination. Financial support of Labex ICCA and IFRIS, and logistic support of Telecom ParisTech. Program.

Organizational management
(2015-2017) Crowdfunding on culture, arts, and media, research for the French Ministry of Culture and Communications.