About me

I am a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Governance and Regulation Chair at Université Paris Dauphine since October 2017.

Previously I was a Ph.D. candidate in Economics jointly at Université Paris 13 and Télécom ParisTech from 2013 to 2017. I graduated in November 2017 with a thesis entitled “The Economics of Crowdfunding: Entrepreneurs’ and Platforms’ Strategies”.

Thesis supervisors: Marc Bourreau and François Moreau 

Thesis committee: Paul Belleflamme (Referee), Jörg Claussen (Referee), Thierry Pénard (President), Françoise Benhamou (Examiner)


My main fields of interest are the economics of digital platforms, digital innovation, and entrepreneurship in emerging fields (including “fintech” and autonomous vehicles). I am particularly interested in the interplay between these areas – for example, in the incentives for entrepreneurs to enter digital platforms as sellers, in how platform-based firms emerge and compete, or in how entrepreneurs innovate in a growingly digital world.

In my work, I employ empirical analyses using observational data (collected from publicly available information from the Internet), experimental data (field and lab), and ad hoc surveys.



Marc Bourreau (Ph.D. thesis supervisor)
François Moreau (Ph.D. thesis supervisor)
Paul Belleflamme (Ph.D. thesis referee)
Jörg Claussen (Ph.D. thesis referee)